David Groom

Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

I’ve been in private practice since 1985 and a Director at Auburn Spinal Therapy Centre for over 25 years, seeing it develop from a one room boutique practice to a more modern and larger but still boutique facility.

Previous experience includes large multi-disciplinary sports clinics, local sports clubs and 16 years of teaching seminars to physical therapists throughout the United States on neck pain, back pain and headaches. I feel privileged to be a small part of people’s lives. There is without doubt an intrinsic satisfaction in making a difference to clients’ well-being.

Having grown up playing football and cricket 7 days a week I now enjoy the flexibility of swimming, cycling and running. I have a passion for adventure style travel in rugged and remote locations including having sea kayaked in the remote waters of Alaska and the Whitsunday Islands. A family holiday with young children usually involves far away mountains, bikes and small villages or rough dirt roads, tent and camp fires.


Ken Niere

Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

I have over 30 years experience in private practice and over 25 years experience in teaching musculoskeletal physiotherapy at La Trobe Uni. I feel that my role as an academic keeps my clinical work up to date and that my clinical experience gives me credibility as a teacher.

I have been lucky enough to have worked with and been inspired by brilliant clinicians and academics throughout my career. This has occurred from when I was a new graduate at The Alfred, during clinical practice in Dandenong and Hawthorn and while studying for and sitting my specialisation exams. I really enjoy learning then sharing my knowledge or skills, either formally in tertiary and private settings or informally with colleagues and friends.

My research interests have focused on cervicogenic headache and neck pain which form a great knowledge base for sorting out complex presentations. It is the individual variety of clients and their presentations that makes clinical work challenging, varied and rewarding.


Clare Nash

Physiotherapist & Pilates Practitioner

I completed my degree at Monash University in 2010, graduating with 1st class honours. I have previously worked in generalist physiotherapy at Austin Hospital as well as in neurological and acquired brain injury at Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre.

I have been involved in a number of research projects both for publication and to improve clinical practice and I enjoy approaching problems in a methodical way to produce the best outcome possible. I have a love of learning and I want to be a resource of evidence based knowledge that my clients can turn to with questions about their physical health and wellbeing.

My lifetime involvement in dance has led to a love and appreciation of movement and I like to work closely with clients to restore normal movement to their daily lives. I am intrigued by the different ways the joints in the body can move and the way in which our posture can contribute to dysfunction and pain. As a physiotherapist I get to meet and collaborate with people from many walks of life and I feel fortunate to be learning from their stories and experiences.


Mitchell Geilings

Physiotherapist & Pilates Practitioner

Since completing my Bachelor of Health Sciences and Masters of Physiotherapy Practice at La Trobe University in 2013, I have worked in physiotherapy practices across the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, before heading off to Europe for the majority of 2017, giving me a broader appreciation of different cultures and life outside of work or study.

Throughout my career I have endeavoured to combine the best evidence with a client-centred approach, specifically tailoring my treatment and management programs to the individual client. Partnering with clients and working with them to achieve their optimum physical health is my ultimate goal, and making a positive impact on people’s lives is what brings me to work every morning.

I have a keen interest in spinal physiotherapy, along with sporting injuries, which has come to fruition due to my lifelong love for sport and physical wellbeing. When I’m not at work, you’ll find me on my bike, climbing the hills of the Dandenong Ranges; discovering the best inner city running routes; swimming laps at local pools; or combining all three in triathlon events. If not participating in sport myself, I’ll certainly be watching any way I can. Outside of sport, I also love travelling, reading and embarking on the arduous pursuit of finding Melbourne’s best cafe!