Clare Nash

Physiotherapist & Pilates Practitioner


I completed my degree at Monash University in 2010, graduating with 1st class honours. I have previously worked in generalist physiotherapy at Austin Hospital as well as in neurological and acquired brain injury at Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre.

I have been involved in a number of research projects both for publication and to improve clinical practice and I enjoy approaching problems in a methodical way to produce the best outcome possible. I have a love of learning and I want to be a resource of evidence based knowledge that my clients can turn to with questions about their physical health and wellbeing. 


My lifetime involvement in dance has led to a love and appreciation of movement and I like to work closely with clients to restore normal movement to their daily lives. I am intrigued by the different ways the joints in the body can move and the way in which our posture can contribute to dysfunction and pain. As a physiotherapist I get to meet and collaborate with people from many walks of life and I feel fortunate to be learning from their stories and experiences. 

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